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Jōmon period (縄文時代 Jōmon jidai)

The earliest historical era of Japanese history. 

Jomon Car Rental’s name is borne from the ethos of the Jōmon period (縄文時代 Jōmon jidai)of Japan, where for over 10,000 Years (starting around 12,000b.c.), the focus of the people of Japan was one of peace, community and consideration for present & for future generations whilst caring for the environment. 
This was the earliest historical era of Japanese history.

We work with a similar ethos: Our mission is to always do the very best we can for others, both for present and future generations, with a generous human spirit. We offer a sharing of knowledge, passion & love for Japan, whilst caring for the environment.

Japan offers stunning locations, landscape and scenery from which you’ll create unforgettable adventure & memories and we hope you’ll embrace Japan’s unique cultural history too. 

Having a deep understanding & affinity for nature, a healthy interest in helping others and also a long history of working with cars, here at Jomon Car Rental we never offer new vehicles. We stick only to interesting recent & modern classics. In offering the existing rather than new, we offer exciting vehicle choices, whilst minimising our carbon footprint and in turn, your’s.

Jomon’s spacious facilities are located in the Chiba countryside (about 16km from Narita Airport), with a central 300-year-old traditional Japanese farmhouse, built from trees of our land. Our old bountiful forest continues to be treated with love and respect for nature. 

Jomon Car Rental consistently strives for excellence and sustainability. 

We care for the environment, with a focus on what we are contributing, to future generations. 

We aim to be as ecological as possible in how we work & reinvest some of the profits generated into sustainability, development & conservation of nature and the future for the local community.

Our work encompasses Ikigai. A Japanese concept meaning “A reason For Being”, from which we generate positivity and the best in what we can do for others. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the difference of Jomon Car Rental.

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