Toyota Alphard SUV

MPV, Camper

The Toyota Alphard E-Four 7-Seater is an excellent touring vehicle for travelling with a group, or family, where comfort is needed, offering both comport for all occupants, as well as generous luggage capacity. These vehicles are very well specified and come complete with a DVD player with retractable roof-mounted screen& surround sound system, privacy glass, electric curtains, twin sunroofs, electric remote-controlled doors, cruise control and more. A perfect vehicle for covering long distances, which can be specified with extras, such as camping equipment, or a roof rack with mounts for skis & snowboards. Being E-4WD, it has 3 Hybrid Electric motors on the drivetrain, 2 of which drive the rear wheels when conditions are slippery. The rear seats fold down into two single beds, if desired.

  • Excellent Vehicle for Touring, with seating for up to 7.
  • 170 bhp Hybrid e-4WD Power Train
  • Great Fuel Economy, & Traction in Slippery Conditions / Winter Sports.
  • High Specification Vehicle, for maximum comfort.
  • 3 x 100V 1,500W power supply built into car (For Japanese or U.S. Type plugs)
  • Tent(s) available where more than 2 adults wish to go camping.
  • See optional extras to add equipment for your desired travel experience.

Please see more images and info below!



Petrol Hybrid


4-Speed Automatic / Hybrid



Type of Accommodation

1 x Double Bed

Sleeping Arrangements

2 Adults / 2 Adults & 1 Child

Vehicle Dimensions (cm)

480 x 180 x 210

Extras Included

Cleaning Kit
Air Conditioning

Optional Extras

Jomon is not just a car rental company offering interesting cars & campers.

We aim to make your trip an unforgettable experience, whilst discovering the wonders of nature throughout Japan. Specify which accessories or camping equipment you want below and we’ll make sure it’s all ready for when you collect your chosen car or camper. * **

* To ensure availability and allow us to prepare your bespoke booking, please book your desired extras in advance. We regret we may be unable to supply your preferred choices without sufficient prior reservation.

** Product images are for illustrative purposes only and whilst we do our best to show actual goods, products may differ from the actual product due to availability, and / or product enhancements. Our aim is to always provide equivalent or better than displayed.

  • Bicycle Rack

    If you're thinking of bringing your own bicycles, this solution is for you.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    Most airlines allow each passenger to bring an item of sports gear for a small fee. Bicycles are allowed if boxed (Check for conditions with your carrier before travelling).
    If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll probably be familiar with these versatile carriers. They're of excellent design and versatility.
    Please note: You are responsible for making sure you travel safely.
    It is very important to fasten your bike(s) to the carrier securely. Straps are included and we are able to supply thick, strong bungees too.

  • Snowboard / Ski Rack

    Perfect for carrying your winter gear, safely & secured on the roof.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    If you’re planning on doing some winter sports as part of your trip, this kit makes good sense, so you avoid damaging or wetting the car's interior and avoid taking up interior space without necessity.
    Accepts Snowboards or skis. Just add to your booking and we’ll make sure the equipment is attached to your vehicle before pickup.

  • Folding Bicycle with Bag

    Good Quality and compact. Ideal for exploring & more fun!


    JPY - Per item per rental

    We like these, especially for exploring Tokyo and other cities such as Kyoto.
    When considering foldable bicycles, we researched lots until we discovered these.
    Like much of our range of other camping gear, these fold up compact but are well designed and built.
    The twin-tube main section of the frame adds stiffness and strength. Fittings are of good quality and riding quality is good.
    We didn’t cheap-out and go for the cheapest option, but chose decent bikes – that’ll serve you well.
    We supply a lock, so you can ride and park with peace of mind and a quality tailored bag for storage when not in use.
    Ride safe!

  • Heated Blanket

    For those who like a pre-warmed bed. Even when camping!


    JPY - Per item per rental

    Although our sleeping bags are rated up to winter use, this is the cherry on the cake!
    Having a warm bed awaiting you when at a campsite, or wherever you can access electrical power, is definite camping luxury.
    Just put this under your cover sheet and leave it on for 30 minutes (adjustable temp) with your sleeping bag(s) opened and covering the bed - it’ll be toasty warm when you get into bed.

  • Portable Camping Fan

    In humid weather. Stay cool!


    JPY - Per item per rental

    Another compact solution. Just connect to mains or use with a portable power supply and have a cooling breeze whenever you want. Also great for warding off insects without the use of sprays or smoke, which can be hazardous or unwanted, when sleeping in compact spaces.

  • Nature Hike Portable Pressure Shower & Pop-up Canopy

    Cool or hot shower - when exposed to sunshine. Compact, portable & useful for washing up too!


    JPY - Per item per rental

    If you like great ideas, you’ll like this cool & compact kit. For many, the allure of Japanese natural hot springs may make this choice redundant, but if you intend on going camping or hiking and want to have the ability to have a shower in privacy, we’ve got you covered!
    Simply fill the collapsible water container, pump a few times to gain pressure, then use. Both the shower kit and canopy fold into compact bags, so these won’t take up too much of the car’s precious luggage space, either!

  • Ultra-Fine Fast-Drying Sports Camping Towel with Mesh Bag.

    For people who don’t like musty smelly, heavy cotton towels when on a road trip, or camping.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    We offer these lightweight quick-drying synthetic Micro-Fiber towels as alternatives to heavier and slower drying cotton towels. They come in a neat little mesh bag too. 100mm x 30mm, they’re just big enough to dry yourself, whether inside the shower canopy, or taking a dip in the crystal clear waters of some of Fuji’s surrounding lakes.
    They’re inexpensive, so we offer these as an inexpensive purchase to take with you after use. We offer several colours. Dark Blue Grey, Purple & Pink, so it’s easy to identify. Just pick your preferred colour when you arrive, or alternatively we’ll just put different coloured towels in the car for you & your crew.

  • Suaoki Multi-Purpose Solar USB Lantern, Flashlight & Charger

    The coolest little source of light & more - we’ve come across! Not for rent – but for you to take home!


    JPY - Per item per rental

    You’ll love this clever little Solar power light and USB charger for your phone. It’s small, expands to make a lantern, or can be used as a flash-light. It charges either via a USB power source (our cars are each equipped with one) or from sunlight. Can be used to charge a phone, when you connect to the integrated USB socket. It's got 3 light modes and will usually easily last through the night. Get one for each of you. It's something you'll want for this & other outdoor adventures in future.

  • 20m Electrical Extension Reel

    With 4 x 100V 50Hz Sockets & 20m range, whenever you find yourself on a campsite, you'll have power.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    Great for all electrical extras including a heated blanket(s), portable fridge, etc. If you're using one of our Hiace Campers, you’ll be able to charge the auxiliary battery whilst living aboard. Also when combined with a Suaoki Power supply, you’ll be able to charge it – and in turn all your USB and other powered goods too.

  • Compact Portable Power Supply

    100v 60Hz, USB sockets, 12V & 2 sources of light. Charges from the car or when connected to mains.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    Great for charging your smartphones, Internet LAN, powering laptops & providing power for electrical goods. Easy to charge whilst on the go, simply by plugging into the car's lighter socket. When you need light, 2 powerful beams can be used. For outdoor adventures, we also recommend USB chargeable lights, which we offer for you to take home after use.

  • Exterior Table & Chairs

    For when you’re planning to cook & take your time to relax, whilst camping.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    When we go camping ourselves, we find these table and chairs are used daily. Ease of setting-up is important, so the choices we’ve selected are compact and comfortable, yet pack away in a few minutes.
    For camping vehicles, you can choose the Luxury set. These include larger chairs and some of them even recline. There are beer holders too. Perfect to sit back & enjoy the evening together watching the sunset after a natural hot spring, as the charcoal in the BBQ takes time to get up to temperature.

  • Crockery & Cutlery Set (for up to 6 people)

    Here again, camping kits often leave much to be desired. Not with our kit.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    Floppy plastic plates and weak cutlery that bends at the mere sight of a well-done steak just won’t cut it!
    Our kit includes stronger (& robust) hard plastic plates, cups, glasses and assorted cutlery, as a set for up to 6 people, just in case you find some campers along the way you want to invite over for a barbie and a few beers.
    Never know, you meet all sorts of people on the road whilst touring Japan! Please return all in the same clean condition as supplied. Thanks!

  • Cooking Set

    What’s included? A: Everything but the stove, but there is a sink!


    JPY - Per item per rental

    In our experience, cooking sets for camping are usually pretty shoddy & basic in quality, made of aluminum (flakes of which are not good for human consumption!), or both! At Jomon, we refuse to offer our customers what we’d dislike using ourselves. So instead, we’ve created a comprehensive kit, using more robust (stainless steel) but compact alternative pans incl. a strainer and kettle, a 20L fresh-water tank with pump operated dispenser, plastic bowl, a chopping board, can opener, decent cutting knives, a lighter, aluminum foil and even a small box for condiments and a washing-up kit. All we ask is that you return all in the same clean condition as supplied, OK!

  • Quilted Sheet, 2 Single Compact Sleeping Bags & 2 Pillow / Covers

    Sleep soundly in the fresh air and peace of the countryside.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    All except our convertible sportscars are either campers, or vehicles that have sufficient trunk space to also carry a camping set, which you can tailor to your preferred spec, so you can truly enjoy freedom whilst exploring Japan. With say, one of our hatchback sports models we wouldn't recommend sleeping inside, but you can bring your tent, etc. if preferred. Most won't want to bring bulky bedding though, so we offer comfortable seasonally suited sleeping gear, freshly washed and ready for your use. This set includes a Quilted Sheet, 2 Single Sleeping bags + 2 pillows & cases.

  • Quilted Sheet, Double Sleeping Bag & 2 Pillow / Covers

    Quality bedding – for Couples


    JPY - Per item per rental

    All except our convertible sportscars are either campers, or vehicles that have sufficient trunk space to also carry a camping set, which you can tailor to your preferred spec, so you can truly enjoy freedom whilst exploring Japan. With say, one of our hatchback sports models we wouldn't recommend sleeping inside, but you can bring your tent, etc. if preferred. Most won't want to bring bulky bedding though, so we offer comfortable seasonally suited sleeping gear, freshly washed and ready for your use. This set includes a Double Sleeping Bag + 2 Pillows & cases.

  • Softbank 4G Mobile LAN

    Jomon provides you with the best mobile internet available in Japan.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    Simply add 4G Mobile LAN to your booking and have internet access on your smartphone wherever you go in Japan. Use this to be able to access the internet so you’ll have Google Maps up to date navigation in your preferred language. Aside from being able to search information on places to see & things to do, you’ll also be able to speak with friends and family using WhatsApp, etc. and keep them updated on your Japanese road trip adventure!
    Please Note: Softbank 4G mobile LAN is subject to availability; Always best to reserve in advance, when booking your Jomon car.

  • Booster Car Seat

    For children weighing between 33-80lbs (15-36 Kg). From 3-10 years of age.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    Jomon will provide you with a belt-positioned booster seat to be used in the back seat, for children who have outgrown an infant seat. The belt-positioned booster seat must be used in seating positions equipped with lap and shoulder belts. Children weighing 33-80lbs (15-36 Kg) should use these seats. Please book in advance of arrival to ensure availability.

  • Portable BBQ (incl. one box Charcoal & lighters)

    If you like the outdoors, you’ll love the food you can find in Japan & grill over red hot coals.


    JPY - Per item per rental

    We researched long and hard to find this compact solution. Stainless Steel construction, so it’s easy to clean with (supplied) scrubbing pad, folds up into a flat pack, so it takes up minimal space!
    Wherever you make your home, you’ll be able to cook divine tasting food, best enjoyed in abundantly natural surroundings. The perfect recipe for making unforgettable memories. Please return in clean condition, ready to be enjoyed by the next person. Thanks!

  • 2 Hob Gas Stove & 1 x new gas canister

    Fancy a Cuppa, or a full cooked meal? – Comin’ a right up!


    JPY - Per item per rental

    Why have no stove, or one hob when you could have two for when needed?
    Powered by an inexpensive gas canister, usually available in Japanese Home Centers or Supermarkets, you now have the option of staying in for a meal whilst out on the road. Reliable and robust, these stoves can cook up a feast, or boil the kettle for when you want a hot drink – pretty much anywhere.
    Please remember to remove the canister after use, to avoid potential hazards when this equipment is not in use & return in the same clean condition as supplied. Thanks!

  • 12V Engel Fridge (14 Litre capacity)

    There’s not a lot better than an ice-cold refreshment at the end of the road and fresh food for the BBQ!


    JPY - Per item per rental

    The Engel brand is, to any experienced camping enthusiast, the best of mobile fridges. Anything that needs to be held at a set temperature between -18 degrees C and 55 degrees C plus or minus 1 degree C. It maintains the set temperature with the advanced electronics from Sawafuji Electric Company and the Latest F series Sawafuji Swing Motor compressor along with the built-in heating element. It features an LED display, push-button control, built-in battery monitor, shoulder strap and a latch that accepts a padlock (padlock not included). All in a compact 14-liter chest cabinet. Just plug it into the cigar lighter by day and it'll preserve your food and drinks so they're at ideal temperature whilst you're on the move.

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