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Hiroshima - Hiroshima Prefecture

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

When the first atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, the city became known worldwide for this unenviable distinction. The destructive power of the bomb obliterated nearly everything within a two-kilometre radius.

After the war had ended, heroic efforts were taken to rebuild the city. Destroyed monuments of Hiroshima's historical heritage, such as Hiroshima Castle and Shukkeien Garden, were reconstructed and a new, spacious cosmopolitan city was born. In the centre of the city is the Peace Memorial Park.

The peace museum houses an inspiring collection of photographs and artefacts from that August day at the end of WW2 that will show the horrors of war and why we must never allow such atrocities to ever befall our societies again. You may shed tears of sadness just as we unashamedly did, but may also be inspired with a new level of wisdom for peace, that you may not have realised when you opened the entrance doors to explore. A truly unforgettable experience.

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