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Jomon's CRX-R. Part 3 - The "Type R" Mechanical Transformation. VIDEO LIVE

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Part 3 of 5 VIDEO - Honda CRX-R Tribute to Soichiro Honda 🇯🇵 & Ayrton Senna🇧🇷

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So, onto the article then. This is the point I’ll start getting a bit technical, so apologies are offered in advance. I hope some of this knowledge may be gold to Honda CR-X and other B-Series fans, as well as good for general knowledge that'll help you with your performance car of any brand.

As but one example – if you ever think of fitting early Integra Type R wheels to your Honda Civic, etc. & want Type R ’98 spec brakes to boot, or if you think of making your B-Series engined CR-X, I hope you’ll find a lot of useful knowledge in this section.