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What To Do In Japan? Mt. Fuji VIDEO Tour - Part 1 of 5

Thanks for tuning in to this is part 1 of 5, of an incredible VIDEO tour, highlighting the best routes around the lakes of Mount Fuji.

If you love Japan and roadtrips if you want to explore the best roads Japan has to offer, join us in this rental AMG Mercedes Benz & don’t forget to subscribe to our site! Drive a Mercedes Benz AMG V8 Wagon on the best roads of Japan . Sharing our years of experience exploring the best roads of Japan and of living in Suntoh-Gun,right by Fuji Raceway ourselves , we take you on an epic insider's road trip around the lakes of Mount Fuji .

An incredible tour , highlighting the best routes around the lakes of Mount Fuji. Starting in Tokyo , driving through Yokohama , via the Tomei Expressway, we drive the Hakone Turnpike, one of Japan’s best known driving roads , to see beautiful views of Lake Ashinoko / Lake Ashi.

We then continue through to Hakone Machi, where the famous pirate ship is moored. From there, we drive just past the entrance to Fuji Raceway , up the mountain touge road to the viewpoint overlooking Lake Yamanaka / Yamanakako , offering breathtaking views of mount Fuji and the Minani Alps . At Yamanakako Lakeside , we pitch our tent and camping equipment for the night and 2 of us sleep in the car.

This is episode one of 5, where we continue and share the best road routes and places to stop. If you like the idea of touring with the benefit of an insider's perspective and years of experience, don't forget to join us and Subscribe. We are still only at the beginning and have a LOT more we will be sharing. Enjoy!

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