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Jomon's CRX-R. Part 4 - Making the "Type R" Interior. VIDEO LIVE!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Whilst working on the mechanicals, whenever I could, I mulled the interior and so using inspiration from having restored the seats of the Integra Type R, my vision continued to form. I’d wanted to avoid re-trimming the original CRX SiR seats since doing so would ruin their originality (They were in excellent condition with none of the usual holes resulting from bolster wear).

I already knew from the experience of Integra Type R’s that original Recaro SR-3’s are hard to beat for comfort and holding the driver firm, where access to the rear seats is also required.

I searched & eventually came across a set of Recaro original -EF fitment seat rails for sale.

This was a golden find, already knowing from previous painful experience that Japanese shaken would be a problem to pass if I’d use any other brand of rails.