• Jomon

Jomon's CRX-R. Part 2 - The Knowledge - The Story of how the CRX-R came to be. VIDEO LIVE!

Updated: May 18, 2020


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The CRX-R began life with us as a completely original, low mileage JDM SiR Glass-Top, back in 2014. I hadn’t anticipated building this car initially. Projects like these tend to mature in time over countless nights spent obsessing over the finest details. In my case, also combined with the experiences of the other Honda V-Tecs over my years in Japan. Rolling back to the beginning. I'd fancied a CR-X V-Tec since they first came out in 1989. I had wanted to drive one since then, but never actually got the chance until the day I finally bought one. My first V-Tec was a CR-X SiR Coupe. A 10-year-old daily runabout for my work here in Tokyo, way back in 1999. It turned out to be a great tool in which to negotiate daily traffic and was the car in which I discovered the delights of Tokyo Saturday nights on the C1 toll roads, back when such antics were tolerated by the Japanese police.

I realise I’m going off on a tangent here, but please indulge me, so I may share with you what helped develop the DNA of the genetically modified CRX-R. My V-Tec intoxication had continued through a tuned NSX, several S2000’s, building & development of a successful endurance spec. Prelude Type S, several DC5 Type R including a full spec. Feel's example, plus other Hondas. Penultimately I went almost full circle, culminating in what may be my favourite JDM car of all. To put this choice into perspective, I’ve had & driven pretty much every JDM model over these last 2 decades in Japan and having dealt in them, I know their typical caveats and so my choice isn't really guesswork. Driven every pre-2000 Lancer Evo and Impreza model? Check. Every guise of Skyline GT-R or Supra - from mildly tuned, to built for the clinically insane?