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Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Japan has some of the richest scenery and culture, awaiting your discovery and adventure. Whether your preferred dream trip is exploring Japan's cities, hiking through incredible unspoilt countryside, immersing yourself in beautiful natural hot springs, or enjoying winter sports. Here at Jomon, we make your dreams of the discovery of all that Japan has to offer - an accessible reality, with the added benefit of our 20 years' experience, on the road exploring this beautiful country...

The benefits of having the nomadic freedom and equipment to visit & explore wherever your heart leads you each day throughout your unique adventure. You can see so much more than just the typical tourist destinations of Japan. Choose Jomon and fully explore! You'll not be limited to just exploring the city where your pre-booked hotel is located. You can instead choose to travel to your next chosen destination by day or night and sleep high in the silence of the mountains, or awake to the sound of crashing ocean waves, or even awake to the singing of birds in a forest, and be at a famous sight, arriving well before the crowds do!

Being mobile & self-contained, it's completely up to you to travel wherever you choose whenever you want. Based on your preferred choice of types of places to see, once you have booked, we are happy to make exciting suggestions on which you can build upon and recommend exploring this section to get some ideas on which to build upon.

We recommend googling each of the locations you find interesting and also consulting Lonely Planet, etc.

Part of your unique travel adventure will be to explore and make discoveries, so don't be afraid to get a little lost. Google maps will usually be able to show your way back, just be sure you have mobile phone coverage or can backtrack to where you do!

Nobody has ever got so hopelessly lost they could never find their way. Remember, if in doubt – ask! Japanese people are often kind and as helpful as possible, even if you don't speak a word of Japanese.  

We recommend the Japan National Tourism Organisation, this is a very helpful website regularly updated with information.

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